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The Baranwal family was started by King Ahivarn, whose ancestors had moved to a place called Ahar in North India. Ahivaran renamed the Ahar kingdom after himself and founded its capital as "Varn-sahar" (identified with modern Bulandshahar in present day Western UP). His children were christened as Varnwal, a term that distorted to Barnwal over the years.Book:Statistical, descriptive and historical account of the North-western Provinces; page no:125; Edwin Thomas Atkinson.

King Ahivarn/Ahibaran has been said to be a king of the Tomar caste.Although his dynasty was succeeded by Dors after hundreds of years, his family adopted his name, continued his lineage and were called Baranwals. It is conjectured that by marital alliances the Dors also were assimilated in the family.

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